Race Report – Paris Marathon (2004)

2004 Paris Marathon

Places: 29,700
Position: 28,072
Time: 5hr:07.44
I signed up to the Paris marathon due to the decline in health of my step-dad who was been cared for by the Exeter cancer hospice. It was a charity run with my friend from work Keith. As my first marathon I had no idea what to expect and seeing 29 thousand runners all heading to one location was weird, exciting, scary and a little nerve racking! Standing in line needing the loo (there were hardly any loos) the girl in front of me was clearly more desperate as she squatted right in front of my trainers – that was weird, others ‘going’ against the Gucci shop and basically every they could along the champs elysees start queue.
Having ran my first half training only on a treadmill I though I would get through it on average training and fitness. Unfortunately 21 miles in my leg decided to stop working and I walked the final 5 miles to the finish. Cold and wet I was not happy, but I finished and promised to complete one running as soon as I could to prove I could do it!

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