Race report – Stockholm Marathon

2006 – 26th Stockholm Marathon
Places: 12,200
Position: 2,931
Time: 3hr:49:25

The Stockholm Marathon is a fantastic event finishing in the classical 1912 Olympic Stadium.
I was lucky enough to have my friends Matt, Laura, Arun, and Anj as well and Dad and Joan come along on the holiday. The course was two loops of a half marathon course around the city, as a result you go through no boring sections of the city outskirts, on the downside, crossing the finish line at the half way point was a horrible experiance when the legs were already starting to feel some strain.
After the race my legs were ruined and walking down the stairs from the stadium required some support. There were three reasons for this, first I had friends at the finish and so to get a good time I ran beyond my capability given the level of training I had done, two, I stopped just outside the stadium to look fit and so I could confidently sprint round to the finish (a lot of others runners did the same) and three I had what I would now describe as a lack of salt in my body and had some awesome cramping that night and hardly slept.

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