Race report – Davos Marathon (2009)

2009 – Davos Marathon
Places: 990
Position: 496
Time: 5hrs:45:47
It was on this race I would make friends with a bunch of runners from the Serpentine running club. They were staying in the same dorm as me at the YHA hostel in Davos. A great bunch of guys who do many races throughout Europe, one of thier runners was running his 100th race this day and I went with them to the party.
For the past 24 years Davos has held a Swiss Alpine festival – I undertook the K42 marathon, second hardest to the 78K ultra. The K42 a full marathon distance with 1890m of incline.    The Swiss Alpine festival holds the following races and there is clearly something for everyone willing and wanting to tackle the mountains:
The K78 (+/-2320 m) starting and finishing in Davos, via Bergün. The second half is very tough and is not for the faint hearted.
The K42 (+1890 m/-1710 m) Bergün you ascend dizzy heights finishing in Davos.
The C42 (+470 m/-1080 m) starting in Davos and finishing in Tiefencastel.
The K31 (+370 m/-870 m) starting in Davos and finishing in Filisur.
The K21 (+680 m/-190 m) starting in Klosters and finishing in Davos.
The K10 (+150 m/-130 m) starting in Davos (Laret) and finishing in Davos.
The race start was great, there were only a few hundred people as they phase the times and we hit trail straight away, within seconds you already feel out in the mountains and from there the climbs to the Scalettapass were amazing. A helicopter passed me a few times and with the snowy back drop there was no where else I would have rather been.
The main attraction of these events was further empathised on this trip, I arrived late at night and the whole adventure of it all gives me such a great feeling. I’ll be doing a lot more of these races in the future.
On the day before the race I went to St.Moritz and was amazed that there was no where to buy anything normal – all you could see on the streets were designer shops. I thought it was rubbish but the train journey there on the Glacier Express was brilliant. My post race day off was spent on the top of the YHA roof terrace sunbathing. Such a good day.

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