2011 commitments

…To enjoy all the races and meet new friends along the way
…To raise £10 for every race mile planned in between Apr 2011 – Apr 2012.  See Justgiving link ‘TheHungryRunners’
…To beat my personal bests, currently 10k (42mins), 1/2 marathon (1hr:43) and marathon (3hr:30)
…To drag friends into running with me! They might just enjoy it!!!
The 2011 list – year of the hungry runner…
1) Brighton. [10th April] [26.2 miles]
2) Pony express. [30th April] [60.5 miles]
3) Jurassic coast. [tbc] [96 miles]
4) Poole. [5th June] [6.2 miles]
3) Chamonix mont blanc. [26th June] [26.2 miles]
4) Zermatt. [9th July] [28.2 miles]
5) Davos. [30th July] [26.2 miles]
6) Aigle/ Leysin. [1st August] [13.1 miles]
7) Gore-Tex transalpine [3rd sept] [170 miles]
8) New York. [6th Nov] [26.2 miles]
9) Brighton. [10th April] [26.2 miles]

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