The Exe to Axe

I saw it whilst in Exmouth visiting mum on Mothers day…  clearly i should have spent the rest of the day with her, however when you are a runner you are a runner! Mum was very understanding and even met me at the race finish 20miles away, thanks 🙂

These do some justice to the excellent views, the cool air and moodiness of the sky made for great running conditions (photos taken from Iphone and only for the first 10 miles at which point it refused to work any more)

This course attracts many people as it spans from Exmouth (start of the Jurassic) to Seaton (a place where they need to promote tourism).  Seaton is genuinely lovely, however like many seaside towns in the UK, you cant just help but think they have been neglected due to european destinations and cheap flights etc.  The course starts up a significant slope, up to the cliff top and for the first miles it’s meandering, the middle bit i think gave inspiration to the latest Alton Twoer Rollercaoster – up, down, up, down… there were no flats.

These smallish events always attract ultra runners, I met three such chaps in random conversation.  They were all part of a club, which I think gave them regular training, something I think every runner needs to keep the mileage up.  I had my usual banter with a number of runners because i was always passed on the hills and overtook them on the downs, this continued and was very amusing, possibly annoying for others, however i simply cant run up hills but fly down them very fast!   It is my wish one day to complete the Comrades marathon and i’m pretty sure i’d be one of the fastest down hill runners on the course!  Now I live in Poole by the cliffs I have a change to train properly for my Swiss mountain summer races.

I came 57 of 120 runners.

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