Brighton Marathon

An excellent course (I booked into next year straight away). One of few where you will see the elite runners in two or three places along the course (heading the other way I might add).  It’s a compressed spaghetti of a course without being repetitive and so there are always spectators and runners in both directions.

Ran with a chap on his 334th marathon, he left me at mile 20, I must learn to pace myself! We discussed the 100 club awards, that more people have climbed everest that achieved 100 marathons and advice on running Ultras.

I followed the 3:40 ballon pacer for first 18 miles only to find out the next day a friend of mine was too and we didn’t see each other – such things happen running races with 10,000 runners!

Finished in 3:59:48!

Very sore legs. Tried standing in sea after finishing and to my surprise (having heard the benefits of an ice bath) it was amazing that with 3 goes at 20secs (all that I could stand in the sea for!) I was 70% relieved… will remember that one.

Happy with result as it was the start of training, only issue was the pressure from the crowd when I was happy walking I kept being pushed “come on you’ve made it so far”, “keep running, you’re so close” … Seriously, I’m just walking as I’m enjoying the sunshine – leave me alone!!!

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