Moor Valley 10K May'11
In the zone...
all because the marching band loved milk tray

Nowadays its not often you see marching bands, nor finish a race with one playing in front of you – but today two hungry runners and our little baby in a ‘B.O.B’ off road pushchair ran to the beat, well drum with about 100 other runners.

An out and back lollypop loop run in Moors Valley close to Bournemouth in support of the Dorset youth marching band. Race started very fast, not a large field but based on last years results the top 10% will be running less than 7min miles (42 mins 10k), with over 40% running les than 8min miles (50min), quick field.
We came in within 51mins, a comfortable speed for the little one in pushchair with only 6 or 7 one wheel corners, 2 up in the airs (tree roots!) and a couple of quick manoeuvres to avoid a wheel straying off course into a pond, ditch etc etc.
I had a number of pictures to choose from for Kelly, clearly finding the best arse shot was important but in the end decided to go for these ones 🙂
Anyway it was only a 10k but a good one and hopefully it inspired some of the kids in the band to get out more. Running I mean…

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