Hard way round the rock

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5miles, 11miles or 21miles? simple choice – 21miles – but then a few details were missing, running on a pebble beach, 1000 meters of climb on some pretty fun terrain.
The Portland 21mile run is 2 laps of Portlands Coastal track taking in view of Portland Bill. Portland Bill is a narrow promontory (or bill) of Portland stone, which forms the most southerly part Dorset, England. The Bill is an important way-point for coastal traffic, protecting shipping, in particular from its strong tidal race and shallow reefs.

A newly resurrected run based the Enduroman Portland Bunny races which were held in 2003 to 2006. These are no longer being organised but the routes were apparently very popular – so this year RMPAC are organising the Hard Way Round the Rock.
Xxx people started, all finished I think except me!
The registration and start was at the Portland football club and I was dropped off at the start by Kelly (another hungry runner’s) mum whist they went to visit family 6 miles away in Weymouth. I turned up with a little unprepared for a long run – A portland club runner kindly passed me 2 lucozade gels and Sam offered me a lift back to my extended family after the race!
I had a great first loop, running well within the top 10 runners, one of them Cigi who had finished training at sandhurst recently, had a great running pace and kept me company for 5 miles. Mile 6 I decided to open up and go for a fast time, closed in on a couple runners and was at the 11mile finishers at 1:40ish, I’ll never know my position. Shortly after starting the second loop the markers stopped and I got lost twice loosing a good 30 mins. Not one to be easily upset I did get angry, at myself for not knowing the route and for the organisers for doing so well with the organisation and then letting it down at the start of the second loop for the 21 miler runners. I had run fast and minutes into eventually finding other runners and finding the correct route I felt a little defeated and decided to run back to the start line to inform I was pulling out.
After leaving I started the 6 mile run back to Kelly and family for the lunch time feast that had been made for us! A few miles in I heard a honk and Sam, one of two sisters I had met at the start picked me up and gratefully gave me a shortened my run back… total of 18 miles all in… i was grateful of the lift and whilst i really needed to get in over 20miles 18 felt enough on ‘the rock’!!!

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