Upcoming Races

Planned for 2016
The Ox Marathon 
Mont Blanc 80km
OCC 55km 

Past Races  2015
The Oner – (the ‘half’ Oner, 40 miles)
North Downs Way 50
Aigle Leysin Half Marathon
Glacier 3000 Run
Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc

2009 – 2014
Transgrancanaria Marathon
Aigle Leysin Half Marathon
Centurion North Downs Way 50
Centurion North Downs Way 100
New Forest Half Marathon
Gore Tex Transalpine Run – 200 miles / 8 days
Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 Ultra 
Davos Swiss Alpine Ultra – 78km
Mont Blanc Marathon & Mont Blanc 80km 
XNRG Pony Express – 60 miles / 2 days
Endurance Life CTS Exmoor Ultra
Endurance Life CTS Sussex Marathon & Ultra 
Endurance Life CTS South Devon Marathon

City Marathons
London Marathon 2014
Brighton Marathon 2012
New York Marathon  2011
Venice Marathon 2010
Rome Marathon 2009

8 Replies to “Upcoming Races”

  1. heh kelly, congrats on yer running and raising the cash for such a great cause.
    tell me where do you find these races, im looking to enter my first ultra as my mate did the pony and this has inspired me to go further, i live on the isle of wight but the xnrg would be too soon for me. i have the new forest marathon comin up in sept so something a little later would be ideal. good luck with yer future runs i will continue to read yer blogs for inspiration

    1. Hi Grant,
      Thanks very much for your comment! The Pony Express was great, tough, but really good fun.
      There are a few good websites you can look at to find ultras – http://www.beyondmarathon.com is a good one and http://www.ultramarathonrunning.com/races/uk.html as well. If you’re looking for ultra’s later in the year maybe look at the Druid Challenge (XNRG) or the Beacon’s Ultra in November or Endurance Life will probably be doing an Ultra in Dorset in December although the dates aren’t up yet.
      I hope you find a race that suits, let us know what you decide to enter….its pretty addictive though, you have been warned 🙂

  2. Hi Kelly! What a fab blog, well done! I have just been looking at the Mont Blanc Marathon and am keen to do it next year. How did you find the altitude and did you manage to get in much training at altitude before the race? I am just wondering whether to perhaps enter the 23k instead of the 42k as I don’t know how much experience at running at altitude I will be able to get. I shall also be doing south Devon and Exmoor CTS so maybe see you there! Helen 🙂

    1. Hi Helen. Thanks very much. The Mont Blanc Marathon is amazing, I definitely recommend it. I didn’t really notice the altitude much- perhaps a little at the very highest point but not enough to slow me down. I did quite a few training runs at altitude the month before (we were on holiday in California) but your body can only retain the ‘adjustment’ it makes at altitude for a few days so I don’t think this would of made a huge difference. I would suggest going for the Marathon if you can do the distance ok…the half is nearly all climb and you still finish at Planpraz. Good luck if you enter and hopefully see you at one of the CTS events- I’m still trying to organise my race calendar for next year!

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