Stage 6 – Endurancelife coastal series. Sussex

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6 Down, 1 to go!

Number of miles – 33.5
Number of Meters climbed – 1670 meters
Litres of water drank – ~ 4 litres Electrolyte, 2 cups of water
Food – 1 bag of crisps (emergency, I need food moment – bought for me from a cafe en route), 1 pack cliff gel shots (tropical), 1 Cliff Gel pack, 5 salt stick tablets and a handful of jelly babies at the aid station.

The morning of the race was so sunny, light was streaming through the Eastbourne B&B and summer had arrived (a little early) though with another 7:15 registration it was really nice to get there in the light of day in the warmth. I’d never been to the 7 sisters, nor Beachy Head (where a well known marathon is held in October each year) and as with the other CTS events, the scenery was different from any of the others (apart from the sea!), new terrain created new challenges and new sights to keep the mind happy during what would be for me today 5hrs 52 minutes on the trail (Avg 10:32 min miles), finishing in 8th Place.

The run and race report would be in many respects similar reading to the others, however some specific moments which made this race (another) one of the most fantastic races i’ve ever done include:
– After worrying about Kelly (running the Marathon) and that her knee would drop her out of the race, she managed to complete the race in an amazing time, finishing as 5th Woman
– Meeting the usual CTS suspects Tobias, Saxon, Peter, James, Gemma, Oli, Gemma, the friendly endurancelife crew again and other new faces
– The camel pack, which once again decided to leak all down my back after it was not closed properly
– The kind lady who bought me a pack of crisps in a cafe after I run in all sweaty and hurried asking for help! For two miles I had been feeling a little sick with an over empty stomach after having had no breakfast
– Meeting Peter at the 29 mile point… I saw someone coming up close behind me and I was determined not to let him pass me, but when he got close realised it was Peter and I was really pleased to see him, we ran the rest of the route together
– The windy sections of the course providing a cooling breeze, creating great running conditions

– the very kind lady who on seeing I was staring at her bottle of coke on the way up a hill offered it to me – the kindness of strangers (the thirstiness of runners)!
– The Course – All that Grass! No rock, no technical rocky sections or beaches, just lots of meandering ups and downs. A great course
– On the downhills (only one being very steep) you could just relax, lower the heart rate take a rest and enjoy the running – it was great
– A new playlist with a lot of songs from New Zealand artists given to me by Rob and Fiona, good music
– attending the live more lectures, what a good idea that was, the speakers were brilliant and their achievements were incredible

One thing I am starting to find quite interesting is the power of food and water, sugar, and electrolytes during the race.  Clearly training for such an event is obvious, but i’ve been at a similar running capability now for about 4-5 months and one of the things that make the most, often dramatic difference, is when I get my food and water/ electrolytes right or wrong on the day.  Take this race, I skipped breakfast, I dont know why I did that but I had to stop for a pack of crisps at mile 20 or so and it took a good 3-4 miles to get my mojo back, costing me over ten minutes probably in lost time.  The last race  in Holyhead I got everything just right and have no real set backs.  Northumberland I had a water crisis and not having water is a nasty one, the last 10 miles I was in a right state and finished hardly able to run.  Aside from the breakfast issue, having my sugar and caffeine seperate from my electrolytes and Salt capsules is definitely working well for me.

Exmoor next and I get a 7x finishers tee shirt!!! Honestly, that sounds so stupid but i’m quite excited!

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