15th April 2012
Brighton Marathon
26.2 miles

As I expected, after yesterday’s race I woke up feeling tired and pretty stiff. It took a few minutes to decide whether I really wanted to run Brighton but in the end Kris and I both decided to go for it. We bundled into the car and headed off for what I thought was a 10am start. Parking was fairly easy but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had gotten the start time wrong. After a quick check we realised it was actually 9am…so at 8.40, with Preston Park 2 miles away we hastily headed off. Thankfully a taxi passed us a few minutes in and we made it to the start corral just in time! We set off at a very steady pace and I was just pleased that my legs were actually bending and allowing me to run. The weather was ok, a bit overcast but with quite a cold wind that meant I was never quite warm enough. The first few miles take you around the streets of central Brighton, often doubling back so that you can see the runners in front and behind you. It seemed like about 80% of runners had charity tops on and it was quite humbling reading peoples dedications on the back of their shirts. About an hour into the run we hit the coast road heading east and got to see the elite men and women running past. I felt ok as we hit half way, so decided to keep running. Unfortunately the next few miles of the course where on a long straight road out and back. It was a bit boring although the crowd support was amazing. We passed a Subway on the way out and on the way back Kris decided to run in and grab a veggie sub. Tucking in at mile 18 was amazing! I think it picked us both up for the next long slog around the industrial section at the western most part of the course.At mile 22 I knew we had cracked it and would be running all the way home. The crowd support picked up even more as we joined the beach road again and I felt myself upping the pace a bit here. The last three miles were our quickest and I managed to get a decent sprint in at the end (I really don’t know where it came from!) to finish in 4.28. I was tired and it was a bit hectic at the start but I have to say that I really enjoyed Brighton and the crowd support made it my favourite road marathon so far. Amazingly my knee pain, which has been dogging me for the last year, barely kicked in at all over the weekend so I have to give a big shout out to physio Pete at Lilliput Health who in four days managed to get me trail and road worthy! I think a few days off is in order though…my next planned race is the XNRG Pony Express in the New Forest…60 miles in two days and my first proper stage race wahoo!

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