13th May 2012
Woodside Park, Lymington

Having had the whole week off after the Pony Express last weekend I was itching to get out and run this weekend. I did the Lymington Lifeboat 10k last year and really enjoyed it – now in its 11th year it has become a big race with 800+ competitors and a great atmosphere. Last year Kris decided to run with Amy in the buggy at the last minute. This year he had planned the assault a bit more carefully and had packed enough food to (hopefully) keep her entertained for the duration of the race. I had hoped to keep up with them for at least the start but as soon as we set off my calf said no, the limp commenced and I watched as Kris raced off with his 25kg load, Amy apparently unfazed and happily eating Frosties whilst instructing him to go faster.
The route takes you down a few country lanes and then onto the coastal path, before looping back inland to Woodside Park. The weather was great and it had all the makings of a great Sunday run but I found it hard going. Its the closest I’ve coming to pulling out of a run but I couldn’t because 1) it just nudged me over 200 miles into my 600 mile challenge (wahoo!) and 2) Ray, Jacqui and Ben from Westbourne Running Club did an amazing job of cheering me on at about km 4 and I didn’t want to let the club down.
I was relieved to get over the finish line and super stoked for Kris and Amy who had set a new buggy pb of 44 minutes on a (at times) very muddy and grassy course. I came in at 49.05 which was actually a PB for me but such hard work! My next race is Poole 10k as I’ve got a bit of break from the long races for a few weeks. Every race mile counts towards my challenge though so bring it on! 201 miles down, 399 to go!

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