Devon – Exmouth to Seaton (and back)

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Last weekend was my first night run (the lack of photoblog for that run not being a surprise then) of 30 miles along the Dorset end of the Jurassic coast.  This week, the run got longer as I set out to complete 40+ along the Devon side of the Jurassic coast.  This time setting off from my Mum’s house in Exmouth to Seaton and back – the whole lot along National acorn trail.   The 30miler last weekend was brilliant, although having set off at 10pm and having to look after my especially (let’s say ‘active’) little daughter, the lack of sleep and ability to recover properly was horrible.  So yesterday I set off at a more realistic 2pm, finishing at 11:30pm.

Rabbits, Badgers, confusing signs (with arrows going in all directions), snakes, foxes, hawks, sheep, and cows we’re my guests along the run – yes there were people too but they were mainly 1 mile +- side of each town/ village and so a lot of the run was on my own.  I loved it.  I did manage to fall at one point into a stinging nettle bush, something that energy gel manufactures should probably try to sell somehow – not that pleasant but it sure does wake you up – my adrenalin levels were up high for about 10 minutes whilst the stinging subsided!

Exmouth was my home for about 15 years and so it’s easy to not love the place and to not see it from a tourists perspective, however it is fantastic when armed with camera, a smile, and a sense of outdoor adventure.  The Devon side of the Jurassic coast, past Sidmouth at least, are some of the most severe cliffs of the Jurassic stretch.  From Exmouth to Seaton has approx. 8,000ft of climb, so there and back I ran 16,000 or 4,900 meters!

As with all runs I do I got lost, running a long the Budleigh promenade I must have missed an acorn sign and on reaching the end I was faced with a 10-15 ft stream to wade through.  I could have turned back but I hate doing that and I could see where I want to be on the other side, so just went for it.  It was such a hot day I dried pretty quickly.

I had a little wobble around Beer where I almost turned round.  I was feeling hot and tired but managed to force my self past two more cliffs and celebrated with a Pint of coke.  I restocked the camel pack with ice water from the pub (drank about 7 litres in total)! and set off back home.

My food rather than gels strategy worked again quite well.  4 ‘9 bars’, biscuit, salt sachets, bag of sweets got me through fine.   … here are the pics!


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