Yosemite National Park – Glacier Point trail

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I can’t believe I’m 34 now and last time I was in Yosemite and the Sierra nevada range I ran this same route on a day trip from San Francisco when I was 27 on holiday with my Mum. … Where did that time go! Well three years of it has been taken up with little Amy but true to our word we promised we’d not stop adventuring and being back in the Yosemite N.P. is about as much proof as you need that were working hard. I had really fond memories of this run, from the trail head on the valley floor (about 1100m) to 2200m up a 4.6 mile trail. Apparently the route was the the first mountain valley crossing in the area which the land owner and creator of the route I’d to charge 1$ to pass, the route then was only 4 mile, however now this 4 mile trail is 4.6 when it was extended on abolishment of the fee coinciding with the N.P. taking over ownership. From the camp and back was about 15 mile.
Glacier point has no glacier – lets clear that up, and it has a massive car park and visitor center at the top, but dispute these faults the views are spectacular. To the left El Capitan, in front the Yosemite valley waterfall in front to the right North dome, to the right half dome. If you could see past the valley range to the right would be the mohave desert leading to death valley. The former, where we have come from in previous days had hit 110 degrees and was both lovely, novel and very uncomfortable!
The trail is simple, full of switchbacks, few turn offs and a mix of rock, sandy plaths and forest. The photos are the best way of describing it, so here you go. …I really wish I had this near home, training for my summer races would be far nicer than up and down the bournmouth cliff path 30 times!!! … Lovin’ Yosemite.

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