California – Big Bear – Hike to Sugarloaf mountain

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Having no Garmin in the USA its clear that I have started to rely on the little devices too much and have forgotten how to judge distances and pace whilst running – I thought it was a about 22 miles but on returning home it was 28. This run was a ‘which peak shall I bag’ and was perhaps the wrong choice.  It was 9 mile on road to the start and 10 return to / from Sugar loaf on the hardest trail i’ve ever been on, small sharp rocks laid on super dry dust, whilst the sun was quickly reaching 80 degrees and the altitude headed t 9,925ft.  I found very quickly that my feet were bruising, a few too many near miss twists of the ankle and each step was slipping away.  Good experience for the Swiss Iron Trail I guess as i’m expecting the worse there!   today I have also been following the progress of some of the Endurancelife UTSW 100 runners – I’ve seen some amazing new (to 50/100 milers) perform brilliantly and some seasoned runners abandon the race – fair play to all those who tackled it.  This run was good learning for how to drink, eat and train in varying weather conditions, trail and altitude – I wasn’t hanging around and it took 7 hours to do 29 miles – i’m going to re look at the Swiss Iron trail profile and re think my pacing!!!  Kelly has now taken my Chamonix Mont Blanc entry next weekend as it is only 5 days before the main event and I don’t want that race making it any harder for me.

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