California – San Francisco – A little wander around the city coastline…

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Three weeks driving around in our 28ft American RV (Recreational Vehicle) was a lot of fun but lets face it sometimes you just need a hotel break in a great city!  I certainly needed a warm nights sleep as it gets so cold at night times, especially near/ in the deserts.  So the RV was ditched at an outskirts RV park for the San Francisco Four Seasons hotel for three nights.   From Market street I ran to pier 1 then along the coast line past all 41 piers, through 3 parks (Presido, Lands end, Golden Gate park) across the top, down the western side then an eastern direct route to the RV park at Candlestick park football stadium (home of the San Francisco 49’ers) where I would pick up the RV and drive back into the city to pick up the girls at which point we would drive to Big Bear city in the mountains.  I should have appreciated being at sea level as running in 80 degrees at a minimum of 2300 meters I would find out to be pretty tough going!

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