12th August 2012
50k / 31m

Rob, me and Scott at the finish line
This race really kicked my butt today. I found it really tough. There are a few reasons why – 31 miles is tough! Also I think doing my first 50 mile race 15 days before had taken more out of me than I realised. It was also pretty hot and humid. However the route was really lovely and the organisation was good. The race is named for the 5 rivers, 4 hills, 3 country estates, 2 castles, and 1 cathedral you pass on the undulating route. It was predominantly trail with some quiet roads. Usually I have photos but I must admit I didn’t stop to take one on the way round this time, I was just focused on maintaining a pace of some description!

I ran this first half with my friend Scott who had also done a 50 miler two weeks before. We were both ok at the start although we perhaps went off a little fast. We had about 5 minutes of heavy rain which was actually pretty refreshing but the heat soon kicked in. At about half way through I could feel myself flagging so Scott headed off in front. I put my music on and pushed on through the bad patch. There are several other race distances including a 42k, 30k and 10k as well as walking races so there were always quite a few people around. I passed several people I have met at other races including Pete who I often see at the Coastal Series Events, and Russell who I had run part of the Pony Express with. Everyone I spoke to seemed to find the race pretty tough – I think its easy to under estimate the hills because whilst they are very gradual, you are almost always running up or down one!

In the end I came in at 4.58.44, 4th women, which I was pretty pleased with considering how I felt whilst running it. Scott came in at 4.48. Another friend Rob Tanner (who is running 12 marathons in 12 months for the Make a Wish Foundation) finished the marathon in 4.20 as well as Jacqui, a fellow Westbourne Runner. Excitingly, I’ve now broken the 300 mile mark and am 311 miles into my 600 mile charity challenge. I’ll be tapering a fair bit now before my biggest race yet – the 200 mile Transalpine Race starting on the 1st September, eeeeek!

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