Gore Tex Transalpine Update

This is just a quick update for anyone following the blog. Last Saturday, Kris and I started the Transalpine Race in Ruhpolding, Germany. The challenge: to run across the Alps in 8 days, on a route of 200 miles with over 15,000m of ascent. Day 1 saw us run 50km from Ruhpolding to St Johann in Austria. Day 2 took us to Kitzbuhel in 35km. Day 3 was 46.5km to Neukirchen. Day 4, today, we travelled 43.3km to Prettau in Italy and also hit the highest pass of the race- 2665m.
The race started with 300 teams but as it stands, 82 teams have dropped out. Kris and I, as The Hungry Runners Team, are holding out but it’s a super tough race with some seriously hardcore runners. We’ve currently been running for a total of 26hr30mins and are in 25th place in our category (mixed teams). Kris has some niggles with his knee’s and my toenails are slowly dying on me but we both feel ok so hopefully we will make it through tomorrow. When we’re back I will do a proper blog but in the mean time I’ve got a few photos from my phone. Thanks for following 🙂

20120904-081811 PM.jpg

20120904-081830 PM.jpg

20120904-082254 PM.jpg

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