Gore-Tex Transalpine – SUMMARY

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It’s not very often I purposfully boast (ahem), however the 2012 Transalpine was very very tough – and Kelly (blog here) and I made it!  With great respect to Kelly for being a fantastic running partner and extrodinary runner.  Kelly, had she been in an all femal team would have come 19 minutes overall off 3rd place podium finish.  Amazing in it’s self, and below are all the statistics and fun tit bits…

http://www.transalpine-run.com/alps_cross_photos.htm   Whilst I do love my own photography, it has to be mentioned oh. my. god. the photogrpahers on this race were amazing and thier site has to be checked out to see the amazing photos of the event.  My best of mid -running photos are below. 
TEAM THE HUNGRY RUNNERS    Duffy Kris (34 years) / Lucas Kelly  (27 years) 
OVERALL RUNNING TIME    48 hours :24 minutes    OVERALL PLACING 14th. 
STAGE 1 7:04.20,6            33rd place.  Ruhpolding – St. Johann
STAGE 2 5:48.03,8            22.nd place St. Johann – Kitzbühl
STAGE 3 6:55.02,9            19th place  Kitzbühl – Neukirchen
STAGE 4 6:42.48,4            26th place Neukirchen – Prettau
STAGE 5 5:31.27,3            18th place Prettau – Sand in Taufers 
STAGE 6 5:52.09,6            16th place Sand in Taufers – St. Vigil
STAGE 7 5:56.27,4             8th place St. Vigil – Niederdorf
STAGE 8 4:34.04,3            14.th place  Niederdorf – Sexten


2 Replies to “Gore-Tex Transalpine – SUMMARY”

  1. Well done Kris! Where did you find the time to do all the reporting?! I’m still unpacking! Best of luck with the future races.

  2. I don’t know how you were able to run so fast AND take such extraordinary pictures! It was great to me you and Kelly and I wish you much luck on your next running adventure!

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