Race Report – Gore-Tex Transalpine – Day 2

Distance: 32k (St Johan to Kitzbuhel)
Altitude gain (meters): 1950
Aid stations: 3
Food:  salt and vinegar peanuts, cliff energy bar, 2 oranges, Pro bar, watermelon
Water: 2.5 liter in pack with Nuun tablets
Time/ place: 5hrs 48min/ 22nd of 76 mixed male/ female teams

– feeling the rush of air from a helicopter as it hovered over us to take a video during the first climb – amazing experience.
– wider tracks from day 1 allowing us to run the downhills and make a good placing (22nd today of 76 teams)!
– Kelly snagging herself on barb wire, I tore my bag on the same
– an eery mist made the views non existent for today’s two mountains but the thin ridge lines and steep steep steps sections were incredible to run along
– the top of the first peak where the path disintegrated and it was a bit of a scramble through deep grass and uneven ground
– today we were faster and so were further up in the competitive section of the field. It was both exciting competing and so much tougher 
– two teams were airlifted off today, yesterday one chap broke his foot
– my left knee is starting to play up a bit
– tonight were in a lovely 4* hotel (no camp in Kitzbuhel) and I’m not sure I’m goin to get up well at 5:20!

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