Race Report – Gore-Tex Transalpine – Day 4

Distance: 43.3k (Neukirchen to Prettau

Altitude gain (meters): 1997

Aid stations: 3

Food:  salt and vinegar peanuts, cliff energy bar, 3 oranges, watermelon

Water: 3 liter in pack. Wanted just water today but filled it once by accident with High5

Time/ place: 6hrs 42min/ 26th of 76 mixed male/ female teams

Today. Was. Hard.  

– I wanted to enjoy this day and take it slow and easy. My knees are starting to explode and the long valley to the ascent of the only mountain today was really really tough. I feel a bit wrecked.

– had to poo in the woods which I didn’t enjoy. I don’t think all the pasta and soupy sauce every night is going down well, more Likey to be all the sucrose though in the energy ISO drinks.  I’m going to stop drinking them. 

– there was really nothing jokey to say about today, I made light of the issues but my face was a drained all day and I struggled to put on the happy face.  Teams are dropping out now all over the place – 25% out so far.

– …all that said we, again, somehow found the energy to run like mad the last 5-10k beating some other mixed teams en route…

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