Race Report – Gore-Tex Transalpine – Day 5

Distance: 32k (Prettau to Sand)
Altitude gain (meters): 2200
Aid stations: 3
Food:  cliff energy bar, 3 oranges, watermelon, Pro Bar
Water: 3 liter in pack. Just water today, salt.
Time/ place: 5hrs 31min/ 19th of 76 mixed male/ female teams

I went to bed last night at 6:30 and slept till 5:30. Before bed I ate two bread rolls with pâté, two bowls of the quinoa the organisers were giving out at the finish and ate at the pasta party. In the morning I had my first cup of tea (lovely) and ate loads more – and I felt wonderful! Sleep and food – two powerful and necessary things!

Today’s run was epic, the climb started immediatly and ended 15K later at at 2600meters.  The scenery was amazing, so too was looking back on the snow and switchbacks. The sun was then out and as the day got hot and then the inevitably long 8000ft descent started, which took a hugh toll on all the teams – that’s a long long steep descent and a large number of teams dropped out the race. Over 35/40% of teams are gone now.

We’re now sitting at a respectful 19th place in the mixed teams (out of 74), 79th overall (out of 327).  Kelly was so tired, never seen her like it before, the camps and lack of sleep are taking their toll on her (resulting in lots of stumbling and swearing!) and so i’ve been pushing today for her to miss the pasta party and get some sleep.

There is spectator, a chap from Manchester who we see every day in at least two spots, he’s so good and it’s great him an so many others are spectating. The innovate team are out with injury and it was also great to see them clapping people on 10k from the finish.   Rain came in out of no where tonight so fingers crossed it’ll be nice in the morning. Zzz

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