Race Report – Gore-Tex Transalpine – Day 7

Distance: 46.5k (St Vigil to Neiderdorf)
Altitude gain (meters): 1950
Aid stations: 3
Food:  peanuts, Pro Bar, 1 oranges, Melon
Water: 2.5 litres of water
Time/ place: 5hrs 54min/ 8th of 76 mixed male/ female teams

Today we ran over a popular hiking route in the Dolomites taking in two significant climbs.  Today our pains had left us, temporarily, and so we decided to hike the climbs very fast as well as make good time on the initial 12k of flat (ish). At the bottom of the first climb we found we’d caught up with the lead women’s team – amazing feeling for Kelly and I – after this it was obvious Kelly would want to stay in front and so the rest of the day was a mix of simply stunning scenery, hard racing and painfull but very very fun down hill running. We simply out ran everyone downhill and I firmly believe Kelly is the strongest downhill runner in this race.  We finished 8th out of the initial 76 teams but it came at a painfull last 7k price as Kelly’s feet were in a lot of pain and my knees were also back with avengance from the two challenging descents.  We both feel pretty beat up now and if there was anymore running days except tomorrow to go then I’d be starting to get worried about finishing. 33k stands between me and a medal I’m never going I take off!

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