Race Report – Gore-Tex Transalpine – Day 8

Distance: 33k (Neiderdorf to Sexten)
Altitude gain (meters): 1269
Aid stations: 3
Food:  cliff energy bar, Sport beans x 3, Jelly Bears x 3 packs
Water: 2 liter in pack, salt
Time/ place: 16th of 76 mixed male/ female teams

The finish came as a relief more than excitment.  We were knackered and Kelly broke her metatarsal (foot) somepoint yesterday/ today.  The last 5 miles were agony for her – amazing that she made it to the end but a great show of stregth.   Since today was only one mountain I had my victory tear at the top of it, since my knees were sort of ok, the race was won – i’d done it – the last 10k home meant nothing.    the boy from Exmouth done well…

As a final point – if anyone ever gets chance to get out and about hiking or running in the Austrian Alps/ Italien Dolomites – jump at the chance – it’s stunning.

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