Winter jaunt over the Jurassic coast bog

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I thought it was time for that long over due long run! These photos are from Budleigh Salterton to Beer passing through Sidmouth. It was so wet slippy and boggy that these 25 miles took over 5 hours. I set off at 5:30am with a head torch and it was a lot of fun – didn’t see a single other person all morning, so just for today, this was my Jurassic coast – wonderful.
Not the usual camera, these are just from the iPhone5.









7 Replies to “Winter jaunt over the Jurassic coast bog”

  1. kris try doing this run in spring/summer as the photos would be awesome… we have such wonderful scenery down here in Devon when its better weather – well done for the run. it does look lovely especially with the whole run all to yourself. 🙂

  2. Hey Kris, what you doing in Budleigh? I was there for a few days over Christmas – lovely! Just left yesterday now in Dorset visiting folks. Hope you had a great Christmas. Are you there long?

    Best wishes,

    1. My Mum and a bunch of friends live in Exmouth. I often run from Exmouth along the coast but have done that section so often i thought i’d start a little further down from Budleigh… I take it your family are down there? Good to know as i’ll drop you a line next time i’m in the area (i was only there for a couple days). Hope you had a fab christmas 🙂

      1. My gorgeous boyfriend lives in Budleigh Salterton – was visiting for our first Christmas together – lovely round there isn’t it?! We went running along the cliffs on Christmas Eve but I was stuck down with gastric flu on Christmas Day! So disappointed I missed our Christmas Day run (I always run on Christmas Day normally)! My family all live in Dorchester now – I’m here until 1 Jan – went for first run since Monday yesterday – 7 miles from Weymouth to just short of Osmington Mills and back (didn’t want to risk getting installed at the Smuggler’s Inn!) – extreme mud bath – hardly running, more like wading, slipping and sliding – some of the coast path has given way there are lots of safety tapes up and a bit where the path is almost gone completely! Today I walked from Dorchester to Weymouth with my brother. Be great to hook up for some Jurassic Coast runs – keep me posted on what events you do – are you in Endurancelife Dorset?

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