Better late than never…
trail running coverThere’s not been much in the way of running posts on here recently; I’ll blame that on my nagging foot injury, christmas generally and too much drinking. I have managed to have a 2 small articles printed in Trail Running Magazine including an interview with the finishers of the crazy Piece of String fun run (page 15, yay).
So. I’ll outline my plans here and then I have to stick to them. Hopefully.

1) Post more vegan recipes. I have put a few up over the last couple of weeks but I’m now going to concentrate on what I take with me on my longs runs and eat afterwards. By the way, in case there are any vegan runners out there who have not yet read it, take a look at Scott Jurek’s book – Eat and Run.

2) Get faster. Or just ‘run’ my races. After the Transalpine I turned into a real plodder. My plan is to enter at least a few of the Dorset Road Race League races as part of Westbourne RC. They are mostly 5k – half marathon distance so hopefully this will force me to up the DCIM101GOPROpace a little bit. I started with the Broadstone 1/4 on New Years Day which surely has to be the hardest one to force yourself out of bed for!

3) Stop relying on Kris to take all the photos! I’ve got myself a GoPro, so hopefully I’ll have some decent photos and maybe video’s of my own to post up on here in the near future. Here’s me testing it out in the mountains and not running, something I’m getting very good at recently!

Other Races

1) Transgrancanaria – I was half looking forward to, half dreading this race. At 119km/ 73 miles it would of the been the furthest I had ever run. Thanks to the foot, the furthest I have run since October is 10 miles this weekend. So I’ve switched to the marathon distance. Disappointed but also a bit relieved.

2) Endurance Life CTS Sussex Ultra – 33 miles(ish) around South Downs. I did the marathon last year and the route combined with fab weather meant it was one of my favourite races. 

3) Transvulcania no more. I was excited about this 83km/51m race across La Palma in the Canary Islands. Then Iberia went and screwed up my flights and I realised the cost was growing rapidly. So I’ve cancelled. Maybe next year. In its place though…

Tour du lac d’Annecy Maxi Race. 84km/ 52 miles, 5100 metres climb. Definitely more up my street, alpine and easier to get to. Have a look at the video here:
Trail MaXi-Race le 5mn 2012 by maxi-race

4) Mont Blanc 50 – Im really excited about this race. I did the marathon last year and enjoyed it but at 50 miles, with 6000m of climb and 3 passes over 2500m, this is going to be a toughy.

aigle-leysin-cow-running5) Aigle – Leysin Half Marathon. I’ve done this twice and it stills feels like one of the toughest races I’ve done. The first 16km is a 1650 metre climb, straight up to Berneuse at 2035m. Two years ago Kris ran in a cow outfit. Can this be topped?

6) ??? I’d like one more big race but there are just so many good ones out there, I can’t decide. The most obvious choice for me is the Trail des Dents du Midi – 56.2km and 4733m of ascent – so a lot of hiking. Its close to my Dad’s village in Switzerland and I have climbed the highest peak of the Dents du Midi so it would be nice to say that I have also run/walked around it. I’m also considering the Centurion Running North Downs Way 100. Maybe my first attempt at a 100? Also on the list, although long shots, would be the Beyond the Ultimate Mountain Ultra – a 220km self supported stage race in Colorado and the Gore Tex Transalpine or Transrockies. Or I could just take the rest of the year off….hmmmmmmmm. Maybe I’ll just see how I get on in my next race, the Blackmore Vale Half Marathon, in a few weeks. I think my legs will be in enough shock after that!

4 Replies to “2013…lets get planning”

  1. Yay to more running-related recipes! I’ll be running my first ultras this year, starting with CTS in Northumberland, and have yet to decide on what type of food to bring for the race, so I’m looking to your and Kris’ blogs for inspiration.

    CTS Sussex was my favourite race last year as well ( I ran the half). The one race I’m really looking forward to this year, though, is RunIceland. 110 K in five days, trail running and beautiful scenery. Should be great! Enjoy your running!

    1. Hiya…great, I’ll get some posted asap. Im sure you’ve already tried them but Clifbars are really great on longer runs. Enjoy the CTS Northumberland, I hope you get some decent weather. RunIceland sounds epic, hope to see some photos 🙂

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