Race report – CTS South Devon (Endurancelife)

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Photos from the Endurancelife CTS – South Devon marathon.

The weekend was first and foremost James Adams‘s stag weekend and so last night after the race was also the obligatory activities of… oh, hang on – can’t divulge stag activities on the web!  It was actually very calm, spent with good friends and some good beer company with the odd Jaegermeister shot thrown in.  Photos below from the event… I took quite a few of Ben Cope, possibly realise now how annoying it must be to run with me with me snapping shots all the time; I love photography, I love running – great combination.  It was also the first time I had ran with Ben which was fun and good for me as Ben is a far quicker sub 3 hr runner, so I felt good, though he flew off half way though to an amazing strong finish in the ultra category.   Very tired today but a worthwhile trip to Salcombe and Beesands for another great CTS event.  Less said about James Tri outfit the better 😉

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