Race Report – CTS Yorkshire – Endurancelife

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Race Report – CTS Yorkshire – Endurancelife

Distance – 32.5 miles
Time – 5hrs:25
Position – 1st (did I mention I came first?)
Food: Two vegan protein sticks (wheat protein and red peppers, spices, no horse), 1 9bar, jelly babies

I had to buy a couple of Buffs at the start, it was fricking freezing and raining.  Every one was well wrapped up and ready to take on the North Sea wind and typically Northern weather.  But after only 5 minutes of running the rain passed, blue sky came out (sort of) and everyone was faffing with layers, trying to run with their rucksack in their hand whilst trying to stuff a coat in it – which is always amusing.   I’ve stopped running with a backpack and instead have become quite fond of my Salomon waist belt/ bag.  Not very trendy though and you can’t stuff much in it, most of the time I’m running with things in my hands – water bottle, jelly babies, camera, phone, coat… so I suppose the waist belt’s a bit rubbish really…  still, I do like the feel of nothing on my back and I always get by.

Photo’s below.  This CTS was not as scenic as some of the CTS events, or as demanding but it had quite a few great moments, highlights include:
– running with some top fellas, chatted my way though the first ten miles, at which point we hit a few downhill sections.  I could see 3rd/2nd place not far ahead so I legged it downhill to catch and take 3rd and couldn’t believe I was gaining on the front runners.  I had this vision as I took first place that he’d be competitive and really angry but his response was something like “i knew someone would come up on me soon – what the hell am I doing in first place!!” … I had to admit it was the first time for me too, we shook hands and then I had this very strange sensation being first – i’ll never forget it.  I was a little worried that i’d thrown in at least 4 or 5 seven minute miles to get there and that i’d crash a little later but for now I was having fun so just ran as fast as I could (this was around mile 15).
– Around the halfway point I merged with the half marathon course just as the leader was going past, i got a photo of him and then watched in amusement as loads of other halfers chased me thinking they could gain another place – one ran all the up a hill to get me and was well gutted to find I was not in his race!
– All told a great event, a few mishaps with some local idiots messing with the signage, great runners and great supporters.   It was only a small crowd but I’ll never forget sprint finishing to applause with people shouting “he’s the ultra winner – GO, Yeah” – either that or they were shouting “look at his dorky waist belt – and why are you holding so much stuff” but i’ll assume it was the former.

Thanks Dad for supporting, was great to have you there at the end, get me tea’s and to drive me everywhere!

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