Maxi Race expoThis has been a bit of a strange week for me running wise. Kris and I turned up to Lake Annency last weekend expecting (although not ready in my case!) to run the 83km Maxi Race. On arrival the weather was pretty dismal, it had been raining solidly for the last four days with snow down to 900 metres and low cloud. The organisers did try to amend the route to avoid some of the more exposed parts of the course but in the end the decision was made to cancel the race. I felt….relieved. Kris was disappointed, which is how I know I should of felt, but didn’t. We have been promised some kind of early entry and possibly discount for next years race though so hopefully we’ll be able to make it next time.

Since my dad only lives a few hours away on the other side of Lake Geneva, we decided to drive over there and make the most of the weekend away. The morning of what would of been race day was grey, cold and snowing quite heavily so I’m not surprised the organisers took the decision they did. The following day the weather was kinder so we decided to hit my favourite route up to Solacyre and test out Kris’s new camera. Excuse the gratuitous ‘running selfies’, but with no race we needed to have some fun!DSC00227dents du midi view

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