Race report – Chamonix Mont Blanc 80k

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This is a race report (mainly photos) for the Mont Blanc 80k ultra marathon.

It was awesome, in every respect (except for one, which I will come on to). Epic is an over used word, however It truly was exceptional scenery with some stunning running weather. It was epic. My hips, joints and tendons are battered due to a very gruelling 15hrs spent running walking, falling and cursing! Forget the 50 miles, forget even the +6000 meters of 5 mountains we had to climb, the terrain made some of the pro’s Facebook how hard this race is.

here are some photos … there are only 2 photo’s I’ve not included, one is me crying at the end in relief that it was all over (though some may say i was happy to see my little Amy waiting for me at the finish shouting ‘go daddy’ 🙂 the other being why oh why did none of the checkpoint crew have a map to refer to. Know one ever knew how far it was to the next checkpoint? …but taken as a whole a small criticism to another fabulous Chamonix experience.

Congratulation to all my friends who were out in Chamonix running various races, much respect… You are all awesome.

Here is a link to the Chamonix 80k results (I came 69th out of 471 registered finishers within the 24 hour cut off).

For a more detailed review of the race, please click here Kellythehungryrunner

8 Replies to “Race report – Chamonix Mont Blanc 80k”

    1. You’re welcome! I hope you enjoyed them and they brought back some great memories. It is an amazing place I agree. Those trails were tougher than I expected though on the legs, good times are not free it seems!

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