Race Report – Littledown 5 Mile (Bournemouth)

So it’s been ages since I blogged (or run anywhere) since Chamonix Montblanc.  The photography is a little rusty but I gave this local fast 5 miler a go whilst attempting to take photos.  The Littledown 5 is a big race for the clubs as it is part of the Dorset road race league, I came 43rd in 32 minutes – very happy since i’ve taken some time off training.  The pictures are a little bias to my local Westbourne running club.

It’s hard taking pictures of a non-scenic course, most races I take the camera are mountains, forest, coastline etc so I need more experience of getting some interesting shots.  Not sure I achieved it but it’s all good experience and in my experience people are happy to have their picture taken on the most part, the challenge is getting the shot before they smile or correct their posture for the camera, we like true to life shots round these parts!!

Littledown 537 Littledown 535 Littledown 536 Littledown 528 Littledown 529 Littledown 530Littledown 532 Littledown 533 Littledown 534 Littledown 521 Littledown 522 Littledown 523 Littledown 524 Littledown 525 Littledown 526 Littledown 527 Littledown 517 Littledown 518 Littledown 519 Littledown 520 Littledown 513 Littledown 514 Littledown 515 Littledown 516 Littledown 509 Littledown 510 Littledown 511 Littledown 512 Littledown 506 Littledown 507 Littledown 508 Littledown 502 Littledown 503 Littledown 504 Littledown 505 Littledown 501

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