Race Report – Likeys Brecon Beacons Ultra Marathon

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Likeys Brecon Beacons Ultra Marathon.

I’ve discovered vegan cheese sandwiches.  I did pit them against a Gu energy gel an hour later and the cheese sandwich (squashed and soft where the Vegan cheese and mayo has bonded at a molecular level) was far superior – I left my bonk phase within 3-5 minutes of said sandwich.  Anyway, this blog is not about food.  But if it was I would tell you that during the 46 miles over the Brecon Beacons I ate 2 big cheese and mayo sandwiches (they were great), 2 Naked bars and some chocolate raisins.

Below are some of the photos I took during the race, I was told I came 17th which i’m well happy with, although there could some some confusion with the number 30 that I was also told – ill have to wait and see.  Time 8hr 22mins.

Two loops of a pretty easy (and i’m using this phrase in comparison with the harder 40 mile ‘Might Contain Nuts’ race ran in the same area) course taking in only two ‘peaks’ (done twice) and a fair dose of canal and track/ road.

I had a great day.

DSC03945 DSC03947 DSC03949 DSC03978 DSC03985 DSC03987 DSC04001 DSC04006 DSC04012 DSC04015 DSC04021 DSC04033 DSC04059 DSC04065 DSC04096 DSC04099 DSC04101 DSC04107 DSC04111 DSC04113 DSC04115 DSC04118 DSC04139 DSC04141 DSC04156

5 Replies to “Race Report – Likeys Brecon Beacons Ultra Marathon”

  1. FYI – Results just gone on line for you. Only the 2nd time I have done more than 26.2 in one day. Loved it. Lee Masters

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