Race Report – Chamonix – World Sky Running Championships – Mont Blanc Marathon

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I ran the Chamonix Marathon (26.2 miles), 280th out of 2100 finishers in 5 hours 14 minutes (note a course change due to heavy rain fall, 42k, reduced to 2400 meters of climb finishing in chamonix town centre instead of Planpraz).  Food – 3 gels, orange slices at aid station.  Drink – Some water, not mush as rained over whole course which was surprising refreshing although at the top of L’ Aiguillettes des Possettes I lost feeling in my fingers and had to ask the aid station crew to re fill my water bottle. I have blogged about this race numerous times and so will keep the blog short and hit to the photos… enjoy… 🙂

(Official after event video – http://youtu.be/bu-QKIcTqy0)


Me running…in the rain… !!!

21592377 21674716 21612335 21683821 21683823 21689738 21677434 21597213


Photos of Kees and Rob + 1000 or so others at the Mont Blanc 80k race.  (part of the world sky running championships)

DSC05559 DSC05568 DSC05570 DSC05574 DSC05575 DSC05578 DSC05581 DSC05587 DSC05591 DSC05624 DSC05631 DSC05633 DSC05633 - Version 2 DSC05635 DSC05637 DSC05639 DSC05649 DSC05652 DSC05654
DSC05671 DSC05677 DSC05682 DSC05684




Photos of the route taken during the vertical kilometer  (approx. 2k horizontal 1K up).  I’ve done a lot of down hill running but this is a serious descent/ climb let me tell you.

DSC05600 DSC05601 DSC05604 DSC05607 DSC05609 DSC05610




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