Capital Ring, Grand Union Canal … A very nice run into work. Part 1

Its been ages, but it’s good to be back blogging.

I spent a great evening with a good friend of mine last night in Hayes, West London.  Hayes is a bit of an interesting place, historically not the nicest place (sorry!) but with the cross rail coming in future years parts are being gratefully redeveloped.  It also has a very nice little secret in that the capital ring passes by via the Grand Union canal.  An unused waterway (short of a few river boats – all moored) which takes you uninterrupted all the way to the city of London.   And what a secret it is – ok I did leave the house very early to make it to work for 8:30 but it was 2 hours in before I saw my first person, also jogging along the tow path.  

Here are my photos from my iPhone6 as I ran along, it’s a really capable camera.  Sorry to say the battery gave in 4 miles from the city so I don’t have the high rises, maybe I’ll add them in later.  But here’s what 24 miles of canal look like… Good and bad 

– the photos are in reverse order and not modified (the run only finished a couple of hours ago)























One Reply to “Capital Ring, Grand Union Canal … A very nice run into work. Part 1”

  1. Interesting Kris – I’m thinking of doing the Capital Ring as a non-stop loop in the summer/autumn, it’s about 78 miles in total? I’ve done some of it as part of the old London Ultra 🙂

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