Race Report – The Oner – Jurassic Coast

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Firstly i’ll explain my excuses for DNF’ing at mile 19… nah, can’t be bothered, and don’t pretend to care 😉

‘The Oner’ is run between Charmouth and Studland Bay, covering East Devon, West (and East) Dorset including the Purbecks and the 14 mile loop of Portland.  Which pretty much equates to the second half of this photo below (courtesy of the Jurassic coast Trust).


I’ve lived in and around this impressive coast line for most of my life, however i’m always stunned by how beautiful it is.  For those that know my blog know that I run a lot of mountain races, but on a nice day in spring sunshine, the UK has it’s own impressive qualities and variety that make running the best sport in the world.

The race is directed by Brutal Events and is a fully supported race (but with usual mandatory kit for safety and weather) over 82 miles of Acorn waymarks along the Jurassic Coast path coastline

The photos below are only the first 20 miles i’m sorry to say i couldn’t capture the whole race, but i’m sure you’ll agree the Charmouth to Weymouth section is fantastic!

Thanks to all the supports who were excellent and congratulations to all those who finished a truly difficult event – even in glorious sunny weather.

2 Replies to “Race Report – The Oner – Jurassic Coast”

  1. Great photos at a fantastic event. I’m sure you were the Chip guy at the top of the stairs in Portland. If you were thank you, it was a boast well needed! #62

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