Training for UTMB
Training for UTMB

In four days time, I will be lining up in Chamonix town centre with 2300 runners for the start of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc – a roughly 100 mile (apparently more like 104 mile) circular race through the Alps with 10,000 metres of climb and a cut off of 46hours 30 minutes.
I have felt relatively calm and collected in the lead up to this race but this morning, probably because we have now entered *the week of the race* I woke up with pre race jitters. Glimpses of the route, fears about feeling nauseous, rolling my ankle on a rock or tripping over in tiredness, my head torch failing on a difficult decent, racing against the clock to make a check point cut off and feeling too exhausted to keep moving all rattled around in my head. I’m starting to get texts and messages from friends asking if I am nervous and ready. I know how I want to answer but instead I will say that I have my kit organised (ok, in the main which is more than I can normally say!) and I am ready to stand at that start line.

Race kit (sort of) sorted
Race kit (sort of) sorted

I am raising money for Julia’s House – a children’s hospice in Dorset which helps life limited children and their families. It has been three years since I have raised funds for charity – I haven’t relentlessly badgered friends and family but I would really any support you can give. It is for a fantastic cause. Please visit my justgiving page here THANK YOU 🙂

UTMB profile
UTMB profile

Looking back at Berneuse

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