22nd May 2016
White Star Running Ox Marathon

It’s been two years since I’ve run a marathon. The last was towing the line at the gloriously sunny London Marathon in 2014. Today, as I was kindly given a lift by Jo and Sarah from Westbourne Running Club, the weather didn’t look as promising! I was a bit apprehensive as I really haven’t been running much this year, but pulling into the parking and camping area near Rushmore Golf Course, I started to feel a bit of that buzz you can only get at trail events.

Heading past the Larmer Tree Gardens

I set about taping my feet, organising my kit and downed a large coffee before wandering down to the start line for a race briefing by RD Andy. After a quick explanation about the route, we were led to the start and let loose on the Wiltshire countryside at 9.30am.


I set off at a nice steady pace and pretty much stuck to it throughout the morning – for me it was about getting around without my unprepared legs giving up on me! Although the  organisers White Star Running had to do a last minute reroute, I thought they picked some really great trails. There was plenty of single track through the woods, some amazing views over the hills and hardly any road.



I carried most of the water and food I wanted from the start but there were enough aid stations to go without a pack. A few people asked why I was carrying so much but I think it’s a habit I have picked up over the last few years! (Plus it’s always good to have a sandwich selection on tap). The infamous Love Station, at around 20 miles, was as good as promised and I managed to have a small cider from the Cranborne Chase table! Also a big shout out to the final aid station which had some amazing dairy free cake 🙂

OX mara
Full of sandwiches (the pack) 

For the last few miles, Kris and Amy were able to meet me which was great and motivated me to keep running until the end. I also had some company from the pooch Toby who decided to run, and then huff and puff, his way around the final three miles.

I finished in roughly 5hr10, narrowly missing the second rain shower of the day thankfully, and super pleased that my legs felt ok.

A fun day and a great re introduction to the mighty marathon!

Thanks to Andrew who kept me company for much of the race


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