About Kris

Me me me, all about me…
  • Traveller, athletic, over-confident, tactless, talkative
  • I’m 36
  • Vegan
  • I have 1 (awesome) little daughter of 5 years old called Amy
  • I started running in same year as ran first marathon in Paris, 2004 to raise money for the Exeter Cancer hospice center. I crashed at mile 21 but still finished the race walking.  After this I entered Dublin straight away to prove I could finish a marathon running.  after this completing marathons became a bit of a passion!   
  • I love cake and all things sugary – and running is a great way to justify eating pretty much anything you like…!
I ran my first ultra/ stage race in 2009 (Himalaya 100 mile) which changed my perception of running forever – it was a stunning event over 5 days, great people and a great experiance in some very highest and remotest parts of the world.

10 Replies to “About Kris”

  1. hi Kris
    thanks for your message – email me directly on liz@wholebake.co.uk about what you are both up to and be good to keep in touch – certainly happy to put you on our team selection list for next year -be good to know what other events you have planned just in case we clash!

  2. Hey Kris! I did the K42 this year (nr 2068)….I know, weak ; ) Now I would really love to have some nice pictures of the part between the Kesh and Sertig Dorfli. I’m looking through yours and I see you have them. Is it possible that you e-mail me these pictures, because I can’t open them and copy them…. Thanks for now and compliments on your result!! Wolter de Lange from Holland

    1. I remember James! Great to see you out there, was a tough last 10K in the wind I thought! You are welcome to pull them off the site, or I can connect you to my drop box site and send you some other pics taken on the day, let me know. Good luck with your next race and see you out there…


    1. Thanks Stephane, and congratulations to you too on a great result. I tried to not let you overtake me at the finish line but I think you just beat me 🙂 There was another guy who came out the forest at the same time as you – that was a close one! I was really looking forward to a slow run through Chamonix too! Hope to meet you out there on the trails soon. The Demi Leysin half marathon is coming up in a few weeks if you are interested and close by.

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